ICT50220 - Diploma of Information Technology

This course provides a strong base of knowledge to develop complex web page layouts, design digital applications, build dynamic websites and applications and integrate them with databases, prepare disaster recovery plan, and develop website information architecture. Also, this qualification has a mixture of units that can help to build critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership; qualities that are important to have when managing a team.


This qualification will equip you with the skill to pursue the following careers:

  • IT Office Manager

  • General Application Support Officer


Online: 104 Weeks


Staff could obtain the nationally recognised qualification after they complete the training.


  • ICTWEB431

     Create and style simple markup language documents

  • ICTWEB432

    Design website layouts

  • ICTWEB433

    Confirm accessibility of websites

  • ICTWEB441

    Produce basic client-side script

  • ICTWEB443

    Implement search engine optimisations

  • ICTWEB452

    Create a markup language document

  • ICTDBS506

    Design databases

  • ICTDBS507

    Integrate databases with websites

  • ICTWEB522

    Develop website information architecture

  • ICTWEB525

    Implement quality assurance process for websites

  • ICTICT517

    Match ICT needs with the strategic direction of the organisation

  • ICTICT532

    Apply IP, ethics and privacy in ICT environments

  • BSBXTW401

    Lead and facilitate a team

  • BSBXCS402

    Promote workplace cyber security awareness and best practices

  • BSBCRT512

    Originate and develop concepts

  • ICTSAS524

    Develop, implement and evaluate an incident response plan

  • ICTSAS526

    Review and update disaster recovery and contingency plans

  • ICTSAS527

    Manage client problems

  • ICTPRG553

    Create and develop REST APIs

  • ICTPRG554

    Manage data persistence using noSQL data stores

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